Dr Susan Blackmore


A psychologist, lecturer and writer researching consciousness, memes, and anomalous experiences, and Visiting Professor at the University of Plymouth.

I am currently taking a break from all work including lectures, media and most email, due to chronic fatigue. I hope to be back to work, gradually, in October or November 2019.

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Blackmore, S. and Troscianko, E.T. 2019 Out with Folk Psychology, In with What? Review of The Mind Is Flat: The Remarkable Shallowness of the Improvising Brain by Nick Chater, The American Journal of Psychology Vol. 132:3, 369-374

Consciousness: An Introduction 3rd Edition. Winner of Routledge award for “Revised Textbook 2018”

Is human consciousness unique? I’ve new article in Scientific American’s Special September Issue:  ‘The Science of Being Human’. Mine is “The hardest problem: Decoding the puzzle of human consciousness”

My discussion with Jordan Peterson on Premier Christian Radio, part of The Big Conversation video series from Unbelievable? “Do we need God to make sense of life?”. 8 June 2018

Featured in 100 Global Minds: The Most Daring Cross-Disciplinary Thinkers in the World by Gianluigi Ricuperati

TED Talk

My TED talk (with subtitles available in 23 languages). To find out more about  Memes and Tremes see “Dangerous Memes” and my feature article in the New Scientist: Evolution’s third replicator: Genes, memes, and now what?

Three new books published in 2017/18



Old things I still like

‘Close Encounters’, A BBC documentary about alien abductions that I presented back in 1994 – recently made available on YouTube.

BBC Radio 4 “A Place of Silence”, recorded in 1998. A half-hour documentary about the Maenllwyd retreat in rural Wales.

Castaway on Desert Island Discs BBC Radio 4, 3.5.98 and 8.5.98.

The third eye? Cover illustration from The Skeptic, Vol 26 No.2, 2016





The British Humanist Association, BHA, asked for answers to ‘What’s it all for?’ This is mine.



Skeptic Trumps – See the full deck here.

I am listed in: 100 Global Minds: 2015 and 30 most influential psychologists (25).

My Books


My husband, Adam Hart Davis.

My daughter Emily Troscianko, Research Associate at University of Oxford.

My son Jolyon Troscianko, who drew the pictures for my books Consciousness, VSI, and ConCon.

Their father, the late Tom Troscianko.

You can read about Emily and her anorexia in the Mail, on ABC News, in her blog, and in mine at CiF.


I am currently taking an extended sabbatical from all work including lectures, media and email. I should be back to work in June/July 2019.

For any urgent work-related requests please see my contact page.

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I am an Honorary Member of Population Matters
Patron of Transform Drug Policy Foundation
Patron of the British Humanist Association
Ally of Naturalism, Enthusiastic Bright
Distinguished Supporter of Atheism
Supporter of Pipedown
I am on the Advisory Board, Brain Preservation Society.

I am a Fellow of the GWUP (German Skeptics Organisation – Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences)

I am on Facebook this is my official page, there are other pages about me on Facebook but they are nothing to do with me.
I have left LinkedIn because of the large number of requests from people I do not know.
I am not on Twitter.