Spirituality, atheism, religion

People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.

All my books and articles are listed in Publications.


BBC Radio 4  – The Moral Maze: Religious orthodoxy versus liberal values – a debate on circumcision and religious freedom chaired by Michael Buerk. 24 February 2018. Listen on BBC iplayer.

Wired for God? I (the atheist) debate the origin of spiritual experiences with Charles Foster (the Christian) on Premier Christian Radio‘s “Unbelievable” 17 July 2010. Listen here.

Debate on Premier Christian Radio about the dreadful film “Expelled”. 20 March 2010 Listen here.

A debate with Alistair McGrath at Bristol University Is God a dangerous delusion? 13.11.2007

Point of Inquiry discussion with D.J. Grothe on science, belief and naturalism,     15 December 2006


Interview on spirituality, self, free will and consciousness with Mel van Dusen, 08.08.2017

A podcast for the Spiritual Naturalist Society. Consciousness, science, Zen and more. 01.08.2017

“May I offend you? The clash of Science, Religion and Free Speech”. My lecture at the American Atheists National Convention, Memphis April 2015. Watch on YouTube.


Buzzfeed How atheists find meaning in a purposeless universe, August 2015

Book chapter, My answers in: Science and Religion: Five Questions. Ed. Gregg, Caruso, Automatic Press.

MPs promoting faith.  An open letter to my MP in the Plymouth Herald. I also signed the letter to David Cameron published in The Telegraph.

Interview  in The Third Way, Christian magazine, 2010

Some of my work on memes treats religions as memeplexes, e.g.:

Blackmore,S. 2001 Evolution and memes: The human brain as a selective imitation device. Cybernetics and Systems, 32, 225-255.     Italian translation Blackmore S. (2003), German translation Blackmore S. (2003)

The Meme Machine , Oxford and New York, Oxford University Press 1999. Also translated into 15 other languages.


Many of my posts for the Guardian blogsite Commentisfree are about religious topics. e.g.

I feel strongly about the issue of women wearing veils. See:
Beyond discomfort

Also The Faith Column of the New Statesman

Fun Award – MBA May 2011I received in the post a delightful hand-made badge for the Gold standard Materialist Bravery Award, from Ms Dai Andthatsit in Dawkinshire. Apparently I’m so brave that I don’t need to believe in life after death. (my opinion has nothing to do with the evidence of course!)