Free Will

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People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.

I don’t believe that our will is “free” but I do believe it is possible to give up the illusion that it is. We can still live a moral and fulfilling life without believing in free will.


Closer to Truth Podcast –  What is Free Will? (Coming soon)

Free will – can we live without the illusion? Lecture to Freethought Arizona 27 April 2014

Lecture ‘Living without free will’;
British Humanist Association Annual Conference 2013

Mind Byte – one minute on free will

‘Did I get here of my own free will?’ Science and Cocktails, Copenhagen, 19 March 2013 video
and also an interview about free will


Mind Byte – just one minute on free will 2014

Free Thinking Festival, in Liverpool. Listen to “The Myth of Free Will“, broadcast on BBC Radio 3, on 2 Nov 2008

“Free will and why I don’t believe in it”. Podcast for G’Day World 22 May 2008


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Reprinted in The Best American Nonrequired Reading, Ed. D. Eggers Houghton Mifflin 2006 p 14-15.

There is a chapter in my book Zen and the Art of Consciousness, called What am I doing?

There is also a large section in my textbook Consciousness: An Introduction devoted to questions of free will and agency. Indeed I discuss free will to some extent in most of my books, and I ask all the conversationalists in Conversations on Consciousness the question “Do you have free will?”. Their responses are very telling.