Seeing Myself

When I wrote “Beyond the body” in 1992 it was described as “the definitive text on out-of-body experiences”, and in my new book I uncover the important advances made in the 21st century, when everything changed for OBEs

Quite by accident, a Swiss neurosurgeon discovered the spot in the brain that can induce and even control an OBE. The availability of fMRI scanning and transcranial magnetic stimulation can now unravel the truth and virtual reality headsets can allow convincing out-of-body illusions to be induced. In just a few years the OBE has moved from hovering at the very fringes of scientific acceptability to making a valuable contribution to the mysteries of the self and consciousness.

“Seeing Myself” explores the new science of out-of-body experiences and will be released on July 6th 2017.


Blackmore, S 2017 Seeing Myself, Robinson ISBN-10:1472137361