“Should Blackmore’s theory turn out to be true, there’s little doubt she will be remembered as one of the great thinkers of the 20th century.”
Barry Lyons reviewing The Meme Machine

Je suis Charlie and why


Memelab weekend diary, July 2023. This was a terrific weekend with 7 of us, ranging from engineering to psychology and history, all discussing memetics and as well as the threats from AI, some swimming in the river and mad games of ‘Evolutionary’ and ping pong.

Storyville Pepe The Frog Feels Good Man. The full length film is called Feels Good Man, it premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and even received an Emmy award.  This is a shorter version of the film (but still 1.5 hours long) which was run on BBC’s storyville in 2021. My interview lasts about two minutes and starts at 11.48.

The Popperian Podcast #20 – Susan Blackmore – ‘Memes – Rational, Irrational, Anti-Rational’  With Jed Lea-Henry . 14 August 2022

My discussion with Jordan Peterson on Premier Christian Radio, part of The Big Conversation video series from Unbelievable? “Do we need God to make sense of life?”. 8 June 2018

Interview with Mel van Dusen at his home in California, on Genes, memes and tremes,  08 August 2017

Dan Dennett has just sent me a link to his latest lecture at the Santa Fe Institute – and there’s lots about memes. June 2017.

Susan Blackmore talks to a student group at CogNovo’s summer school “ColLaboratoire” (University of Plymouth), on Consciousness in treme machines.Inspired by the students’ question ‘Could the Internet be conscious?’ 19.08.2016 watch on Vimeo

Panel discussion, Richard Dawkins: The Rational Revolutionary, from Intelligence Squared, London 14 July 2016 Podcast

AI is already evolving beyond our control –  the implications of a third replicator in CommentisFree September 2015

Twitterbrain – how analyses of viral memes is helping track information spreading in the brain.

and a must-watch video
This video will make you angry
is a brilliant rant about ‘thought germs’. What a shame it mentions the word ‘meme’ only once.

The Eye of the Tremes
Watch our New Video. This is based on the idea that the phones, computers and servers we are building are becoming interconnected like neurons in a brain. But this treme machine has no eyes. Or does it? With the advent of drones we may have found the eye of the tremes.

Tremes v temes

I have had such trouble with the term ‘temes’ that I am trying ‘tremes’ instead. I am sorry if this is confusing but I hope it might help.

100 walked out of my lecture on memes. On the RDF website with hundreds of comments. Aug 2014

Practical Memetics: A huge new website by Martin Farncombe devoted to understanding memes in business and organisations, includes extracts from my work.

Paper on memes in science
Kuhn et al 2014 Inheritance patterns in citation networks reveal scientific memes

A fun article on Internet memes in the Virgin Australia Inflight Mag -refers to ‘the burgeoning field of memetics’!

The third replicator

To find out more about temes, watch my TED talknow podcast in English and with a choice of subtitles in 21 other languages! or short lecture at the Hay Festival 2011 Genes, Memes and Temes
read a book chapter
blog from Hassners on my lecture

or read the Feature article in New Scientist .

Podcast interview with Sue on US Public Radio To the best of our knowledge about memes and temes. 29 July 2012

Jonnie Hughes article in The Independent 14 July 2012 on his new book On the Origin of Tepees.

Alan Winfield’s 5 minute lecture on dancing robots, from hisArtificial Culture Project at UWE Bristol. Interview on dancing robots in BBC News Technology June 2012

Q&A with Sue for Know Your Meme, April 2012

Art experiments with copying and Chinese Whispers byRachel Cohen

Richard Dawkins on memetically engineering the word “bright” in “Atheist – the Dirty Word”  YouTube

Edge Question 2009 What will change everything?
Read my response – Artificial, self replicating meme machines.

How to get rid of religion – a memetic view
by Floris van den Berg

Imitation makes us human Extract.


The Loo Roll meme !

More criticisms from Mary Midgley

Memetics UK

This site began with the Bristol based memelab. I hope to provide a simple, but useful, resource for finding out what is happening in the world of memes and memetics.

About memes

Links to other memes



Sue’s publications on memes.

To watch or listen …

Interview  on memes with Karol Jalochowski, with subtitles in Polish, Jan 2012

Internet memes on The Pod Delusion 2010

C-Realm podcast – Sue talks to KMO about memes, drugs and Zen. 28 Jan 2009

Genes, memes and temes. Lecture at TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Monterey, CA, 28 Feb 2008

Is God a dangerous delusion? A debate with Alister McGrath at Bristol University, 13.11.2007

Darwin Day Lecture “Darwin’s Meme: On the origin of culture by means of natural selection” , , University of Central Lancashire, 12.02.07 Abstract

The Sci Phi Show – Outcast #8, Interview on Memes, 21 August 2006

The Future of Memetics audio of a lecture given at Pop!Tech 2005

To read ….

my blog at CiF is about Internet memes April 2011

The Edge Question 2010. How is the Internet changing the way you think?  See my response on Self and the Third Replicator as well as previous answers.

Articles in New Humanist – Natural selection applies to everything, in Aesthetica – Memes, Creativity and Consciousness, and  follow up to Massimo Pigliucci’s objections to memetics in Skeptical Inquirer 2008.

Art and memes article

Interview for NextModernity Library.

Review of Richerson and Boyd’s new book Not by Genes Alone.

Interview for GEO magazine (German), December 2003
Die Tyrannei der Meme.

Interview with Pascal Jouxtel for the la Société Francophone de Mémétique, in both French and English

Memes in Japan

… and Old (1997)! Interview with Andrew Brown for Salon Magazine