Interviews with Me

You can watch, listen to, or read various interviews with me, Susan Blackmore, dating from 2006 to 2020.


Nick Day of Consciousness Central, interviews me about my experience at Tucson 2022, and includes flashbacks to the previous events with Deepak in 2012 (my interview is at the start and continues until about 15 minutes into the programme which is 60 minutes long).

An interview for Cliffe Knechtle’s ‘Give me an answer’ podcast. Entitled either “Free Will or Determined?” or “The Atonement, We’re In Charge or God is In Charge!” 8.9.2020

‘Genes, Memes & Other Dangerous Ideas’  an interview with Adam Ford in Melbourne. How I first got into memetics and wrote The Meme Machine, and why so many people seem to hate memetics. 28.11.2018.

A Series of Four interviews with Mel van Dusen, 08.08.2017

Tremes, A new form of evolution, interview in The Perfect Human Being series, 14.7.2016

Interview about The Meme Machine with subtitles in Polish. 17.9.2013


The Popperian Podcast #20 – Susan Blackmore – ‘Memes – Rational, Irrational, Anti-Rational’  With Jed Lea-Henry . 14.8.2022

An Encounter with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby talks to Susan Blackmore on BBC Radio 4 – 27.02.2022

The Consciousness Podcast : Sue’s interview with Stuart Preston, about dualism and awareness, illusionism and the mind, and a lot more about OBEs and NDEs. 19.3.2019

Altered States and Conscious Beings : Susan Blackmore interviewed for Skeptic Science Salon #47 by Dr Michael Schermer. 7.11.2018

My discussion with Jordan Peterson on Premier Christian Radio, part of The Big Conversation video series from Unbelievable? “Do we need God to make sense of life?”. 8.6.2018

Is there life after death? BBC World Service – CrowdScience.  I talk mostly about my own OBE and why I don’t think there is evidence of life after death: my contribution is roughly from 11 minutes to 18 minutes. 23.10.17

Susan Blackmore talks to Cara Santa Maria  for Talk Nerdy (Episode 135) at the QED Conference in Manchester, about her history as a parapsychologist studying out-of-body experiences and more. 21.11.2016

What is consciousness?  Interview on Radio West (KUER) from Salt Lake City. 10 December 2015

“The viral mind of Susan Blackmore” interviewed on Litopia after Dark, 27 March 2015

MOOC interviews – for Think101 extraordinary claims.
Interview 1 –  my own OBE, ESP experiments, Tarot
Interview 2 –  psychics, NDEs, scientific thinking. 2014.

Secular Buddhist, on scepticism, meditation and consciousness. December 2011

Web of stories – First of 23 parts.


My interview about people coping during lock-down in LA NACIÓN, the oldest and most influential Argentine national newspaper. May 2020

For ‘Five best books’ I was asked – What are ‘The five best books on consciousness’? 2018

Interview with Roy Waidler: “a most unlikely fan … and part of a tiny on line spiritual community”   – I answered questions on psychedelics and Zen, memes and tremes, meeting Francis Crick and why atheists are so often portrayed as unspiritual. Published Feb 2018

Interview with the Native Society, What makes me the best version of myself and other questions 20.12.2017

An interview with Dutch journalist and philosopher Bas Heijne for vpro extra “The perfect human being Series E18”.mIn this video we talk about my vision of cultural evolution, the symbiosis between humans and digital systems, and artificial intelligence.

The Skeptic Interview, Consciousness, altered states and freedom of speech with Susan Blackmore, The Skeptic Magazine, 26:2, 23-29, 2016

Interview on Consciousness, Memes and Meditation in Interalia Magazine. Along with John Searle, Pat Churchland, Stan Dehaene, Nick Humphrey and more. April 2015

General interview about my work at CognoBytes May 2015

Interview on Consciousness, Memes and Meditation in Interalia Magazine. Along with John Searle, Pat Churchland, Stan Dehaene, Nick Humphrey and more. April 2015

Interview in Madrid Escribe  – October 2014 (in Spanish)

Interview for The Other Future

interview in “In-Sight” Canada April 2014

interview  in The Third Way, Christian magazine, 2010

interview in Cherwell, 20 October 2006

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