Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

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People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.


For ZDF Germany: I was interviewed for this film, Blick in die Ewigkeit? Der Tod und das Danach. (on the subject of Life After Death). My interview starts at 17:40. Released 13.04.2020

Debate on OBEs and NDEs with Graham Nicholls for Premier Christian Radio on Justin Brierley’s show ‘Unbelievable’, 09.09.2017

An interview on NDEs with Mel van Dusen at his home in California, 08.08.2017

January 2017. Dan Schneider Interview. The idea was to have a three way discussion on NDEs along with PMH Atwater who is well-known for her writings on NDEs. Sadly, tech troubles with Skype meant we had to do the interviews individually. Dan cast PMH as ‘pro’ NDE and me as ‘con’, but I pointed out that I am not at all against NDEs; they are amazing experiences that can transform people’s lives and teach us a great deal about mind, brain and consciousness– it is just that she and I differ completely on their interpretation. Listen to mine here and Atwater’s here

MOOC interviews – for Think101
Interview 1 – extraordinary claims, OBE
Interview 2 – psychics, NDEs, science

What do near death experiences mean?  Closer to truth: Interview with Robert Lawrence Kuhn


Is there life after death? (2017) BBC World Service – CrowdScience.   I talk mostly about my own OBE and why I don’t think there is evidence of life after death: my contribution is roughly from 11 minutes to 18 minutes. 23 October 2017

Debate on OBEs and NDEs with Graham Nicholls (2017) for Premier Christian Radio on Justin Brierley’s show ‘Unbelievable’, 09 September 2017


The Humanist Hour #122  29 October 2014 (starts discussion on NDEs, paranormal and consciousness at minute 10)


Book Chapters

The implausibility of astral bodies and astral worlds’ and ‘Out-of-body experiences are not evidence for survival. In The Myth of an Afterlife Ed. Michael Martin and Keith Augustine, Rowman & Littlefield, pp 393-403 and 519-27

Blackmore, S. (2017). Incredible!  In S. Blackmore, Seeing myself: The new science of out-of-body experiences (pp. 276–292). London: Robinson.  Assesses the evidence for paranormal events during NDEs, critiquing van Lommel’s claims of ‘Endless consciousness’.


Blackmore, S 2017 Seeing Myself: The new science of out-of-body experiences, London, Robinson ISBN-10:1472137361 and 2019, New York

Blackmore, S. 1993 Dying to Live: Near Death Experiences. Buffalo, N.Y., Prometheus, ISBN 087975 870 8 Translations


Near-death experiences on TV. Sceptic Magazine, 17(1) Spring 2004, 8-10

Blackmore,S.J. 1991 Near-Death Experiences: In or out of the body? Skeptical Inquirer 16 34-45

Blackmore,S.J. 1988 New Scientist May 1988. No. 1611 “Visions from the dying brain”

My own 1970 experience included almost all aspects of a classic NDE, even though I was not near death.


Award – MBA May 2011I received in the post a delightful hand-made badge for the Gold standard Materialist Bravery Award, from Ms Dai Andthatsit in Dawkinshire. Apparently I’m so brave that I don’t need to believe in life after death. (my opinion has nothing to do with the evidence of course!)