Ten Zen Questions & Zen and the Art of Consciousness

The paperback edition of Ten Zen Questions is now published with the new title of  “Zen and the Art of Consciousness“.

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Several slightly shortened versions of the chapters are posted here (the publishers will not let me post the whole book).

I hope all you meditators out there will enjoy learning how I got on with the questions, and may try asking them yourself. You can share your thoughts with others and join in a discussion on the blog.

You might like to meditate on one of the questions first and then read the chapter, or the other way around.

About the book

How I set about asking the questions

Read question 1  “Am I conscious now?”

and More Questions

“.. like reading the end of TS Elliot’s Four Quartets while listening to U2’s
“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” see  Reviews

Thanks to Sylvain Magne for the animated carp.


Sue talks about each question.

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Interview on NPR ‘To the best of our knowledge’ December 2012


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Published in March 2009 by OneWorld