Zen and Meditation

I am not a Buddhist. I have not signed up to any beliefs, joined any groups, or taken any formal vows. This is mainly because I fear that the memes of Buddhism can be as pernicious as those of any religion and because I dislike dogma in any form. I mention this because nothing I have written should be taken as having the authority of a Buddhist. I do, however, value the Buddha’s insight, the teachings that have been handed down, and the practices I have been taught.

I have been training in Zen for over thirty years. My main practice is in Chan, the tradition founded in China in the first century CE when Buddhism arrived from India. Chan subsequently spread to Japan where it became Zen.

I have done many retreats at the Maenllwyd; John Crook’s retreat house in mid Wales, including some solitary retreats. I presented a half-hour documentary “A Place of Silence” for Radio 4 about it in February 1998. I have also done some training in tantra and mahamudra (Tibetan Buddhism). I have worked with the Bristol Chan GroupWestern Chan Fellowship and have led retreats on meditation and memes.

Over the years I have found that my Zen practice and my scientific work have converged in many ways. This connection is probably obvious in my books The Meme Machine, and Consciousness. I also wrote about its effects in the updated version of the Adventures published as In Search of the Light in 1996. All my books and articles are also listed in Publications.

People often ask me what to read, or listen to, on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.


Interview on spirituality, self, free will and consciousness with Mel van Dusen, 08.08.2017

Interview on NPR ‘To the best of our knowledge’ December 2012

She won’t be me. Conference on Science and Nonduality, Doorn, Netherlands, June 2012.  YouTube video

also my comments on Alan Wallace’s video “Universal Consciousness” as part of a Dutch TV programme on his ideas.

Ten Zen Questions / Zen and the Art of Consciousness – I talk about the questions.


BBC Radio 4 “A Place of Silence“, 3.2.98 and 8.2.98. A half-hour documentary about the Maenllwyd, a retreat house in rural Wales



Blackmore, S. 2011 Zen and the Art of Consciousness, Oxford, Oneworld Publications, ISBN-10: 185168798X  (previously Ten Zen Questions). Read some of the questions, or listen to me discuss them.

Contributions to Books

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http://zenmontpellier.multimania.com/Memes.html. Also re-published on the SAND Website, 23 April 2019.

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Joy and Jhanas, Mountain Silence, issue 25, summer 2014

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Conference Papers

She won’t be me. Conference on Science and Nonduality, Doorn, Netherlands, June 2012.  video

CFI 11th World Congress, Beijing, Oct 2007. 
The Illusion of Consciousness in Modern Science and Ancient Chan
. I was unable to give this lecture but here is the abstract.

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Dissolving Consciousness; Dissolving Self On the Meaning of the Near-Death Experience, Flora, Norway, June 1989 (Invited Speaker)

Mental Models and Mystical Experience Eastern Approaches to Mind and Self, BPS Welsh Branch, Cardiff, July 1986


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