Curriculum Vitae

Full Name:

Dr Susan Jane Blackmore

Born: 1951, London


BA Hons in Psychology and Physiology, University of Oxford, St Hilda’s College, 1973
MSc in Environmental Psychology, University of Surrey, 1974
Thesis entitled “The after-effects of stressful noise”
PhD in Parapsychology, University of Surrey, 1980
Thesis entitled “Extrasensory Perception as a Cognitive Process”


Married Tom Troscianko, September 1977, divorced July 2009, died 16 November 2011

Emily Troscianko – 20 February 1982
Jolyon Troscianko – 17 May 1984

Married Adam Hart-Davis, 19 June 2010

Appointments and Experience:

2009 –           Visiting Professor, School of Psychology, University of Plymouth

2001-2009    Visiting Lecturer, University of the West of England, Bristol.

1998 – 2001  Reader in Psychology, University of the West of England, Bristol.

1992 – 1998  Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of the West of England, Bristol.

1988-1991   Part-time lecturer, University of Bristol, Course Organizer, Third Year Option “The Psychology of Consciousness”

1990-1991   Part-time Lecturer, University of Bath, Department Social Sciences.
Lecturer, University of Bristol, Department of Psychology.

1989-1990  Tutor, Behavioural Sciences Course, Department of Mental Health, University of Bristol.

1980-1988  Visiting Research Fellow, Brain and Perception Laboratory, The Medical School, University of Bristol.

1980  Temporary Research Fellow, Parapsychology Laboratory, University of Utrecht, The Netherlands

1975-1980  Associate Lecturer, Department of General Studies, University of Surrey,
Course Organizer, Yr 2 Option, Parapsychology

1977-1978  Lecturer (part time), Department of Architecture, Thames Polytechnic

1974-1978  Lecturer (part time), Department of Architecture, North East London Polytechnic.

Other Professional Activities

A Fellow of the GWUP (German Skeptics Organisation – Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parasciences) (from May 2018)

Advisory Board, Wasiwaska, The Research Centre for the Study of psychointegrator plants, visionary art and consciousness (from April 2016)

Honorary Member of  Population Matters (from September 2014)

Advisory Board, Brain Preservation Society, (from July 2014)

Advisory Board of the Spiritual Naturalist Society (from May 2012)

Editorial Advisory Board, UK Sceptic Magazine, (from April 2009)

Honorary Associate, Humanist Academy of Scotland (from July 2007)

Advisory Board, Center for Inquiry, London, (from April 2007)

Patron, British Humanist Association, (‘Distinguished Supporter’ from March 2006 – title changed to patron 2015)

Editorial Board, Science and Consciousness Review (from January 2006)

Advisory board, Center for Naturalism (from June 2005)

Committee for the Scientific Examination of Religion, CSER, Fellow, (from December 2003)

Advisory Board, Journal of Memetics (from 2001)

Patron of Transform Drug Policy Foundation

Advisory Board, Western Ch’an Fellowship (1997-2005)

The Commission for Scientific Medicine and Mental Health, Fellow, (from May 2003)

National Advisory Board, Council for Media Integrity on Science and the Paranormal (from June 1996)

Centre for Scientific Anomalies Research (Senior Research Consultant)

University of Bristol, Centre for Buddhist Studies (Affiliated Member)

Association for the Study of Anomalous Phenomena (Consultant)

International Association for Near Death Studies (Member of Advisory Board)

UK Skeptics (Fellow)

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (Fellow, and Member of Executive Committee until 1996) Note, the name was changed in 2006 toCSI Committee for Skeptical Inquiry

British Psychological Society, Member of Working Party on Subliminal Perception

Society for Psychical Research (Member of Research Committee and Council member until 1996)

School Governor, High Littleton VC Primary School, 1988-1992

External Examiner for PhD:

Goldsmiths College, University of London, Department of Psychology, 2012

University of East Anglia, School of Economic and Social Sciences. 2002

University of Hertfordshire, Department of Psychology. 1998

University of Edinburgh, Department of Psychology. 1995



Distinguished Skeptics Award, May 1991, Berkeley, California.

Alexander Imich Essay Prize, 1991

New Scientist Sheldrake Competition, 1982

Editorial Experience

1981-1985 and
Editor: Society for Psychical Research Newsletter
1982-1985 Correspondence Editor: Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
1997-2001 Editorial Board, Journal of Memetics (electronic journal).
1998- Consulting Editor, Skeptical Inquirer


Research interests

Memetics, imitation, evolutionary theory, consciousness, meditation.
Since 2001 I am no longer doing research on parapsychology or  alien abductions.

Research Grants

      1995-2000 Perrott-Warrick Project “Reality and Imagination: Psi at the Interface”
1992 Society for Psychical Research For research on Tarot readers
1991 Bristol and Weston Health Authority Survivors of cardiac arrest
1989 Society for Psychical Research ESP in twins
1985 Parapsychology Foundation Out-of-body experiences
1984 Society for Psychical Research Out-of-body experiences


Refereeing for journals including

Applied Cognitive Psychology
Behavioral and Brain Sciences
British Journal of Psychology
European Journal of Parapsychology
Exceptional Human Experience
Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research
Journal of Intelligent Systems
Journal of Mental Imagery
Journal of Parapsychology
Journal of the Society for Psychical Research
Personality and Individual Differences
Proceedings of the Royal Society. B. Biological Sciences
Psychological Bulletin
Psychological Reports/Perceptual and Motor Skills
Skeptical Inquirer
Social Science and Medicine
The Psychologist

Refereeing for book publishers including

Andromeda, Oxford
Collins, London
Element Books, Shaftesbury
Harper and Row, London
Oxford University Press, Oxford
Oxford University Press, New York
Oneworld, Oxford