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People often ask me what to read on a particular subject. Here are some suggestions.

The drug problem is one of the most serious issues facing our society today. The problem is prohibition and the solution is control and regulation – in other words full legalisation with appropriate controls. I admit to being an Outlaw and that “I take illegal drugs for inspiration”

I am delighted to be a patron of Transform, the campaign for the legalisation of drugs, and I funded an Ipsos Mori survey for Transform in 2013 which showed that 53 % of Britons want cannabis legalised or decriminalised and 67% want a review of drug policy.

I support Anyone’s Child – families demanding an end to the War on Drugs.

Here are some of the things I have broadcast or written on drugs.


The Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson 2020. Read about Tucson 2020, including a link to a 5 minute video I made to launch the discussion about Psychedelics at the conference. 16-9-2020

Psycherence, a one day conference on psychedelics and consciousness in Tallinn, September 2018. A most unusual conference – a Psycherence, other speakers included Dennis McKenna (brother of Terence), Jeremy Narby (he of ‘The Cosmic Serpent’) and Luis Luna (psychonaut and expert on ayahuasca). I spoke on consciousness, OBEs and illusions. The whole was live streamed and you can watch here https://videolevels.com/psycherence although it does cost 20 Euros.

Hay festival, 5.6.2011 the Philosophy festival HowTheLightGetsIn.

Videos of a Drug debate with Peter Hitchens and Edward Skidelski.


Drugs talk at The Opium Den, August 2010

C-Realm podcast – Sue Blackmore talks to KMO about memes, drugs and Zen, 28 January 2009



My top 5 books on “weird experiences” on Shepherd: Discover the best books

Hallucinogens in my life, in The Psychologist, September 2014

Intro to panel discussion on drug culture at Hay Festival HowTheLightGetsIn 5 June 2011

My ideal world In The World I Dream of. Ed. Curt Butz, Winchester, Hants, O-Books, 2010

Farewell Albert Hofmann – Guardian CiF  May 2008

Thought for the Day, Radio Bristol, 29 January 2007

Talking Point: An interview with Torsten Passie, New Scientist 15 April 2006, p 50

Take a trip to ease your final journey” THES February 2006

“I take illegal drugs for inspiration” Saturday Telegraph, pp 17-18, 21 May 2005
full text. – ***most popular ***

My experience with Salvia –  “First voyages with Salvia Divinorum”. Entheogen Review, 14, 102-3, 2005

A window on the mind. New Scientist, 13 November 2004 p 36
(a box inside “The Intoxication Instinct” by Helen Phillips and Graham Lawton)

Read more of my work on drugs


Ketamine and depression. 4 April 2014

There is no hiding with LSDGuardian  – Comment is Free, 22 March 2011

Farewell Albert Hofmann – Guardian CiF  May 2008 or Radio 4 programme April 2010

Smoke and mirrors, Guardian  – Comment is Free, 20 July 2007

Don’t Just Say No, Guardian  – Comment is Free, 27 April 2007