Beyond the Body: An investigation into out-of-body experiences

Please note that my completely new book on out-of-body experiences is also now available, Seeing Myself: What Out-of-body Experiences Tell Us About Life, Death and the Mind (2020), with all the recent research and theories.

Beyond the Body, Published by Academy Chicago Publications 1992 (with new postscript), paperback ISBN 0-89733-344-6

First published in 1982, London, Heinemann, ISBN 434 07470 5; and paperback 1983 London, Paladin, ISBN 0 586 08428 2  

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Beyond the Body Chapters 1 to 5

Beyond the Body Chapters 6 to 10

Beyond the Body Chapters 11 to 15

Beyond the Body Chapters 16 to 20

Beyond the Body Chapters 21 to end

“the definitive text on out-of-body experiences”

“by far the best work available on the subject”    See more Reviews

Also translated into Portuguese, (Editora Pensamento)