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Conference Papers


The Science of Consciousness 2022, Tucson, Arizona, 18-22 April 2022  Tucson Conference Programme.

  • Tuesday 19th April. Mystery of Existence. Why is there sentience? A dialogue between Sue Blackmore and Deepak Chopra. Watch the full dialogue on You tube.
  • Wednesday 20th April. Sue Blackmore and Emily Troscianko joint presentation in the concurrent session ‘Studying and measuring consciousness’ .  ‘How and why to teach consciousness’. Watch Tucson 2022 Concurrent Session (with Emily Troscianko and Susan Blackmore)

Paper presented by Alan Winfield at The Royal Society, London, 15/03/2022 – at the Scientific MeetingThe emergence of collective knowledge and cumulative culture in animals, humans and machines”


Sound, Consciousness, and Shamanism, September 2020.

In September 2020 I was due to give lectures at this Seminar in Florianópolis, Brazil. Sadly it was cancelled due to Corona Virus.

My lectures would have been:
• Are there other worlds? Possible answers from psychedelics, ayahuasca and near-death experiences
• Delusions of consciousness: Why is science so confused about the mind?
• Enjoying the Buddhist Jhanas: Discrete states of consciousness reached through concentraDon.


The Science of Consciousness Conference, Tucson 2020.

Read about Tucson 2020, a virtual online event, due to Covid, this includes a link to a 5 minute video I made to launch the discussion about Psychedelics.



CSICon, Las Vegas, United States  –  18-21 October 2018 Celebrating Science and reason, CSICon is one of the planet’s premier skeptics conferences, where hundreds of critical thinkers come to Las Vegas, the city of illusions, to hear from the leading lights of science and skepticism. My talk on Saturday October 20th. See their website for details

Skeptics National Convention, Sydney, Australia, 13-14 October 2018. A festival exploring science, reason and critical thinking. I gave a lecture on OBE’s.  See the full programme here

Psycherence, a one day conference on psychedelics and consciousness in Tallinn, September 2018. A most unusual conference – a Psycherence, other speakers included Dennis McKenna (brother of Terence), Jeremy Narby (he of ‘The Cosmic Serpent’) and Luis Luna (psychonaut and expert on ayahuasca). I spoke on consciousness, OBEs and illusions

The whole was live streamed and you can watch here although it does cost 20 Euros.


Positive Scepticism: The new science of out-of-body experiences at the European Skeptics Conference ESC’17 – in Wroclaw, Poland, 22-24 September 2017. Watch the whole lecture here.

University of Leiden. April 2017. Abstract: The Illusion of Free Will


May I offend you? The clash of science, religion & free speech. University of Exeter Atheist, Humanist and Secular Society Regional Convention (14 November 2015)

May I offend you? The clash of Science, Religion and Free Speech. My lecture at the American Atheists National Convention, Memphis April 2015. Watch my lecture on YouTube.

The New Science of out-of-body Experiences,  my lecture at The Return of Consciousness – A New Science on Old Questions (Axson Johnson Foundation, Sweden, 2015). Also watch video: In the ego tunnel: a conversation with Susan Blackmore

Out-of-body experiences, and what they tell us about ourselves. Towards a Science of Consciousness.  TSC Helsinki, 9-13 June 2015. Abstract.  Watch my interview on Consciousness Central.

The mystery of Consciousness. 2nd International Conference on Music and Consciousness, Oxford April 2015. Abstract.

Memes, Power and God. AHS Convention, London, 28 March 2015. Abstract.


Creative Evolution: From Genes and Memes to a technological takeover. I-Brain, Ghent, Belgium, 22 November 2014. Abstract

Making Sense of Sense Making, Oxford, October 2014

Cologne Conference Futures CCF14, ‘Memes, tremes and the future of consciousness’. 6 October 2014. Read Abstract. Listen to podcast.

Science and the Big Questions, How to live without free will. Abraham Kuyper Center, VU Amsterdam, 18-21 August 2014

Perspectives on Cultural Evolution, Santa Fe, 5 – 9 May 2014. Transcripts from the Workshops. Results and Conclusions from Workshop View PDF  

Dying all the time: Presentation as part of a plenary session on death and consciousness. Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson, Arizona. 21-26 April 2014. Abstract


Fighting the Fakers – and Failing’, The Amazing Meeting – TAM 2013, Las Vegas 12 July 2013

Living without free will’; British Humanist Annual Conference, Leeds, 8 June 2013

Mysteries of Seeing, Conference on Science and Nonduality (SAND), Doorn, Netherlands, 31 May 2013. Video

The Mystery of Consciousness, Ratio Conference, Sofia, Bulgaria, 27 April 2013. Abstract Watch whole lecture on YouTube here

I came here of my own free will, National Council for Hypnotherapy, Annual Conference, London, 2 March 2013


She won’t be me. Conference on Science and Nonduality SAND, Doorn, Netherlands, June 2012.  video

Debate with Deepak Chopra, Menas Lefatos and Leonard Mlodinov at TSC Toward a Science of Consciousness, Tucson 2012 April 10th 2012
See video. and article in Tucson paper.

Lectures and workshops on memes at the SIDEER Symposium on cultural evolution, Ben Gurion University, Israel. March 19-21 2012


Turning on the light to see how the darkness looks. Brimingham, UK  2011

Santander, July 2011


Religions as memes: Does memetics explain anything? Explaining Religion Conference, Bristol, September 2-3, 2010. Read Abstract


“Ten Zen Questions” Cheltenham Science Festival 3.06.2009

“Ten Zen Questions” Swindon Literary Fstival 11.05.2009

“Ten Zen Questions” Oxford Literary Festival, 3.04.2009



Blackmore, S. 2008 “Could the web be conscious?” Modelling Cognitive Behaviour, Bristol 10 October 2008

Blackmore, S. 2008 “Zen Questioning: Can it help the science of consciousness?” Presented at the conference Fusion of East and West. Open University, Warwick, July 2008

Blackmore, S. 2008 “The mystery of consciousness”, The Tim Gregson Williams Memorial Lecture Association for the Teaching of Psychology (ATP) Conference 2008 Lincoln. 10th July 2008

Blackmore, S. 2008 Consciousness Oxford Literary Festival, 04.04.08

Blackmore, S. 2008 Genes, memes and temes. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) Monterey, CA, 28.02.08 and reworked to the Moonlight Sonata!


Blackmore, S. 2007 “Seeing or blind? A test of sensorimotor theory” Poster. Conference on “Perception, action and consciousness: Sensorimotor dynamics and dual vision”. Bristol, July 1-3. Virtual poster%


PopTech 2005: Grand Challenges: Maine, New England   What is the impact of technology on people? What is the shape of things to come? And what does it take to change the world?The annual PopTech Conference brought together luminaries in technology, industry, science, education, the arts and the press for a far reaching discussion on these questions. Susan Blackmore gave a lecture about the future of ideas and memes. Read PopTech 2005

Since 2019 I have taken an extended break from work due to chronic fatigue. I have done very little travelling and only a couple of public lectures, but I have been taking part in a number of podcasts from home. I am very gradually returning to work and I will be undertaking a limited number of commitments in 2022/2023.

Forthcoming Events in 2023
I have no planned events at the moment – but they will be posted here as they are confirmed. Meanwhile you may like to listen to one of my most recent interviews / podcasts, and there are many more podcasts on my website on the media pages and also under the various headings of research topics.
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