Conversations on Consciousness

Published by Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2005, hardback ISBN 0 19 280622-X  and  2006, paperback ISBN 0 19 280623 8

OUP New York 2006 hardback ISBN 0-19-517958-7 and paperback ISBN 0 19 517959 5

LISTEN ! to Guardian Science Extra Podcasts of the original interviews for the book which I recorded with Francis Crick,  V.S. Ramachandran, and Dan Dennett.

“the intellectual analogue of … speed dating,” Nature
“a fascinating insight”
“persistent, probing, honest … spunky and clever … an expert interviewer

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Sue Blackmore engages in lively conversation with twenty-one leading philosophers and neuroscientists, to find out what they really think about the mind, brain, and consciousness. The result is a lively, readable, and accessible introduction to what some of the world’s best minds think about some of the deepest problems of human existence.

Sue talks to :

Bernard Baars,   Ned Block,   David Chalmers,   Pat Churchland,

Paul Churchland,  Francis Crick,   Daniel Dennett,   Susan Greenfield,

Richard Gregory,   Stuart Hameroff Christof Koch,   Stephen LaBerge,

Thomas Metzinger,   Roger Penrose,   Kevin  O’Regan,

Vilayanur Ramachandran,   John Searle,   Petra Stoerig,

Francisco Varela  Max Velmans,   Daniel Wegner.

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