Consciousness: An Introduction

UK Edition Published by Hodder and Stoughton, London
 2003, paperback ISBN 0340809094

US Edition Published by Oxford University Press, New York
2004, hardback ISBN 0-019-515342-1
2004, paperback ISBN 0-019-515343-X

“… a truly excellent textbook.”  Nature 2003

“… towers over its competitors…  I cannot see how this book could be substantially improved.” THES 2003

and there are lots more reviews.

The ‘last great mystery of science’, consciousness is a topic that was banned from serious research for most of the last century, but is now an area of increasing popular interest, as well as a rapidly expanding area of study for students of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience. This ground-breaking new book by best-selling author Susan Blackmore is the first of its kind to bring together all the major theories of consciousness studies, from those based on neuroscience to those based on quantum theory or Eastern philosophy.

The book examines topics such as how subjective experiences arise from objective brain processes, the basic neuroscience of consciousness, altered states ofconsciousness, out of body and near death experiences, and drugs, dreams and meditation. It also explores the nature of self, the possibility of artificial consciousness in robots, and the question of whether animals are conscious.

For all those intrigued by popular science, and what it means to exist, this book could radically transform their own consciousness.

• Fascinating, expert and accessible to general readers and students alike. The most readable and compelling contribution to popular science writing for years

• The first book to cover the full range of theories and ideas on consciousness – provides a comprehensive survey of this complex area

• Humorous illustrations and introspective ‘thought experiments’ are woven throughout Consciousness
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Now available in a new edition : Consciousness: An Introduction (second edition 2011)