Retreat at Sharpham

Waking from the Meme Dream
Friday 1st December – Sunday 3rd December 2006

This weekend will be a chance to learn about the science of memetics and especially how it might help with the practice of meditation and mindfulness, as well as practicing meditation in a beautiful house in Devon.

The schedule is based on those usually followed at Sharpham, and consists of a mixture of talks, discussion and meditation periods.

If you would like to read something about memes before you arrive the following may be useful – but no prior knowledge is necessary.

Blackmore,S.J. 2002 Meditation as meme weeding. New Ch’an Forum, No 26, Summer 2002, 22-26

Blackmore,S.J. 1999 Waking from the Meme Dream. In The Psychology of Awakening: Buddhism, Science and Our Day-to-day Lives, Ed. G.Watson, S.Batchelor and G.Claxton, London, Rider, 112-122. Also available in Italian and French at, and in Spanish in Dharma, 1, 21-9, 2005