Psychedelics – Tucson 2020

Tucson 2020, The Science of Consciousness, went ahead in September, although due to the Corona virus pandemic it happened online for the first time.

Susan Blackmore talks about Psychedelics
Susan Blackmore talks about Psychedelics at Tucson 2020

I’m especially pleased that there was so much about psychedelics this year, with a panel, and two plenary sessions on the science of psychedelics, and psychedelic experience.

I recorded a five-minute video for the opening panel which you can watch here on my Facebook page. I’m asking whether the insights we seem to get on psychedelics are valid and if so how and in what way?
On Wednesday 16 September I appeared at the conference live, (my first live Zoom lecture) talking about DMT and some of my most extraordinary, bizarre, and occasionally insightful adventures with DMT smoked, drunk in ayahuasca, and inhaled as vapour, all of which have very different effects. These events will be available later online through the conference organisers.
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