Test Your Psychic Powers

Find out the truth for yourself! 

Susan Blackmore and Adam Hart-Davis

Published by Thorsons, London, 1995, ISBN 1-85538-441-8;
and Sterling, New York,1997 ISBN 0-8069-9669-2

Have you ever wondered whether you have psychic powers? This book contains a set of easy to do experiments that will help you find your own answers to such questions as …

  • Does telepathy exist?
  • Do crystals have special powers?
  • How do dowsers find underground water? 
  • Why do pendulums spin?
  • Can you influence other people’s dreams?
  • Can anyone really predict the future?
  • Does astrology work?
  • What are auras and can you see them?

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Test Your Psychic Powers has been translated into German, Czech and Italian.
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