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On April 30th 2005 a lot of our year met back at Queenswood for drinks, lunch, a tour of the school, and lots of catching up. The day was organized by Clare Buck and the following people came – at least I think so. If you were there and somehow escaped my camera and the following list then please let me know and I’ll add you on.

Wendy Austin, Mary Ballard, Angie Beddall, Anne Biron, Sue Blackmore, Rosie Bland, Clare Buck, Jill Cooper, Ann Davies, Hilary Dixon, Pam Entwisle, Rachel Johns, Maggie Lee, Liz Lenton, Gillie Leonard, Marilyn Lewis, Judith MacFarlane, Tricia Mackinnon, Liz Moss, Jane Pulman, Melanie Rickaby, Venetia Saunders, Joan Seaborn, Clare Selerie,  Jane Small, Chris Smith, Kristian Swengley, Diana Tubbs.

I am also making a page of comments. If you have something (anything) to say about the day please send me your thoughts. Also, if you have photos and have not sent them yet, please do and I’ll try to put them up too. For those who prefer the post I am sending a letter.
I’d like to thank my son Joly Troscianko for doing the hard part with the photo pages.

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Sue Blackmore

When the invitation first came I decided not to go. I felt faintly sick just thinking about the place and thought I would only be upset if I went back – having not been there since a disturbing visit a few years after we left. However, Clare and Kristian between them persuaded me and, with much trepidation, I went. As I arrived in the main car park I did feel sick, and shaky, But then I saw Jane Small getting out of her car and several others rushed up, and we were instantly chatting. To my sadness (for them) and relief (for me) I learned that I was far from alone in having terrible memories and lasting fears. That day did SO much to clear them away and put them in perspective. “After all” as I said to myself “it’s only a school.” I am no longer frightened to go there and face the past. It was really wonderful seeing so many old friends again.

Rosemary Gibbs (Rosie Bland)

I had been back to Q once before since the day I left, which felt very strange.  It was very strange and some sort of Open Day so my whole family went including parents, sisters, partners down to sons, daughters, nieces and nephews.

This was my second time and I think the thought of meeting up with old friends over rode any feelings of apprehension I may have had.  My memories of Q were OK – not great, but not awful either, and it was reassuring, if rather sad, to realise that some people had such strong negative feelings about their time there.

Maralyn has been in touch since that day, and we have busily been leaving messages on each others answer machines so far – maybe we will actually get to speak soon!

I am hoping to either call or send some emails soon to keep in touch.  It was such a wonderful day that I would hate to let newly formed contacts slip again.