Nicholas Rose

Nick Rose is now a science teacher working in South-East London. At the time of memelab he was a research student in Psychology at the University of the West of England, Bristol. He was largely responsible for memelab’s existence because of an essay on memes and consciousness that he wrote for Sue Blackmore in 1995.

At UWE he worked as part-time research assistant on the Perrott-Warrick project, and occasionally lectured on parapsychology and consciousness, as well as being a PhD student. He has a degree in psychology from Nottingham University (1993).

Conference Papers and Publications

  • Rose, N., Clegg, F., and Turner-Stokes, L. (1995) Uses of computers in cognitive neuro-rehabilitation. Feb ‘95: Anglo-French Conference of Rehabilitation Medicine – Dijon, France.
  • Rose, N., and Blackmore, S. (1996) Two pilot studies of unusual personal experiences. 31st Aug ‘96: SPR Conference, Cirencester. UK
  • Rose, N., (1996) The Psychology of Alien Abductions. The Skeptic, 10 (4).
  • Rose, N., Hogan, J., and Blackmore, S. (1997) Experiences of Sleep Paralysis. 9th Aug ’97: Joint PA, SPR Conference – Brighton. UK.
  • Blackmore, J., and Rose, N. (1996) Was it St. Theresa herself ?: A case collection of experiences on the borderline between reality and imagination. 31st Aug ’96: SPR Conference, Cirencester. UK.
  • Blackmore, J., and Rose, N. (1997) Reality and Imagination: Are Confusions Psi-Conducive. 9th Aug ’97: Joint PA, SPR Conference – Brighton. UK.

Selected Media Work – As a Sceptical Parapsychologist

  • 23rd Feb ‘96: Central Television – Live and Loud – Guest ‘expert’ on Psychic dreams
  • 22nd Mar ‘96: HTV Wales- Friday Live – Guest ‘expert’ on Telepathy; adjudicated on the “biggest telepathy experiment in Wales”
  • 20-22nd Apr ‘96: Paladin Pictures – Documentary for Channel 4 – Haunted House Investigator (shown as part of the Short Stories season, 4th September ‘96 )
  • 23rd Apr ‘96: Kilroy – Guest ‘expert’ on Ghosts and Hauntings (shown 25th Apr ‘96)
  • 4th Aug ‘96: BBC Radio 5 Live – Live interview regarding Ghosts and Elwyn Roberts’ book; Holy Ghostbuster
  • 15th Aug ‘96: Radio Wales – Interview regarding Sleep Paralysis and Alien Abduction
  • 2nd Sep ‘96: Optomen Television – Reconstruction of Sue Blackmore’s ‘Psychic Twins Experiment’ (to be shown on Discovery Channel)
  • 10th Oct ‘96: Viva Radio – The breakfast programme – Live interview regarding Alien Abduction
  • 22nd Nov ’96: Carlton Televion – Central Weekend – Guest ‘expert’ on UFOs and Alien Abduction
  • 17th Jul ’97: Roger Bolton Productions – Channel 5’s ‘Do you believe in …?’- Reincarnation (to be shown 30th Aug ’97)
  • 8th Aug ’97: Anglia Television – Warehouse – Guest ‘expert’ on UFO’s and Alien Abduction