Of Dying to Live: Science and the Near Death Experience

London, Grafton 1993 and Prometheus 1993“In this lively and readable book she presents a comprehensive psychological theory of … the NDE”   “… the beauty of Blackmore’s presentation lies in her unrelenting attention to detail.”
Contemporary Psychology

“… brilliant though controversial”                  Choice in Social and Behavioural Sciences

“this breath of fresh air …. her explanation is the best I have seen so far.”
The American Rationalist

 “Her book is a model of understanding, and sometimes moving in its course through a sensitive subject.”
New Scientist

“I regard Dying to Live as one of the truly seminal contributions to near-death studies and recommend that every person with a serious interest in the NDE make sure to read it.”
Journal of Near-Death Studies

“A skeptical classic”                                   Skeptical Inquirer