The trouble with email

Email has turned from being a wonderfully useful way of getting work done and friendships enjoyed to being a terrible burden. I remember a life in which I got up in the morning, got to my desk, and chose what to work on – perhaps a book I’m writing, or an article, or reading some research, or anything at all. Recently it seemed that I could never make that choice. I was constantly bombarded with things that other people want me to do – some fun, some not, but all tempting me somehow into responding.

So I gave up email entirely for the month of January 2015.

This experiment was wonderfully successful – even beyond my wildest expectations. Not only did I find time for many of the things I love – gardening, kayaking, meditation – but the joy came back into my work. I remembered why I used to love learning and writing.

So I am going to continue. I apologise again to those of you who will be annoyed or inconvenienced but I hope you can appreciate why I am doing this. If you want to get in touch you are welcome to email me but my response will be slow. My email is monitored by others from time to time and they will let me know if I need to respond. For anything really urgent please contact

With thanks for your understanding.