From lecturers and professors who have been asked to assess the book prior to publication of the second edition.

“Susan Blackmore’s Consciousness: An Introduction is an outstanding text in almost all regards. The overall organization of the book is excellent in that it presents broad coverage of the field with a logical sequencing of topics, the writing style is clear and engaging, and the various supplemental boxes and sidebars in the chapters are well chosen and thought out to complement the book’s text.”

– Jay Gould, Associate Professor, University of West Florida

“Its main strength is that it covers all the cool stuff, all the consciousness phenomena that really capture the imagination, thereby providing lots and lots of food for philosophical discussion and debate.”

– William Lycan, Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina

“Blackmore’s style is clear and engaging.  Her explanations succinctly capture key elements in complex theories and point to relevant comparisons in otherwise widely disparate fields of study.”

– Paula Droege, Lecturer, Pennsylvania State University

“Blackmore’s text provides a model interdisciplinary exploration that rests on the insights from many approaches to consciousness.  I especially value that interdisciplinarity and would continue to draw on it in teaching my philosophy of mind class.”

– Lisa Portmess, Professor, Gettysburg College

“Almost every chapter had really useful and excellent material, well-presented and explained. Terrific stuff on attention and memory, empirical stuff, the unity of consciousness, damaged brains, hallucinations, dreams—really first rate material.”

– Andrew Pessin, Assistant Professor, Connecticut College

“The book is one of the best introductions to the problems of consciousness and contemporary philosophy of mind for students that I have seen.”

– Thomas Smythe, Professor, North Carolina Central State